We are now making the skills, experience and capabilities behind our success as the leading third party managing agency at Lloyd’s available, for the first time, to the MGA market. Authorised by the FCA, Asta Underwriting Management (AUML) will utilise the experience and capabilities of Asta to provide an all encompassing solution for select MGA businesses.
All you need to do is provide the underwriting staff, the ambition and a sound business plan.
The Asta Advantage

As the leading third party managing agent at Lloyd’s, Asta has a strong track record in launching new underwriting businesses. AUML will provide infrastructure, management and regulatory reporting for its client MGAs and their capacity partners and can also provide working capital.

As a well established managing agency for multiple third party clients and syndicates, we have the expertise and knowledge as well as the infrastructure and resources to manage MGAs in a similar way. AUML will utilise Asta’s significant underwriting management and regulatory experience and capabilities. Functions such as compliance, risk management, actuarial and finance are already shared across our syndicates and we ensure that every task, from responding to new regulation to the timely production of financial reporting, is handled in a cost efficient and transparent manner.

Over and above providing a stable and effective platform from which to build your business, we strive to do more, to be more and to develop genuinely valuable, lasting partnerships.

It all adds up to what we call the Asta Advantage.

For further details please click here to download our MGA factsheet.

Our Clients
Pelican Underwriting


Our first MGA, Pelican Underwriting Management Limited, launched on the 27 July 2015. A joint venture with Asta, Pelican has launched its first product, targeting the UK Solicitor’s PI market, with backing from Great Lakes Reinsurance (UK) PLC, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Munich Re, allowing Pelican to provide its clients with AA rated cover. Other products and lines of business will follow this initial product.

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Asta’s second MGA, Overark Limited, launched in November 2016. A joint venture with Asta, Overark is a UK-based managing general agent (MGA) established to provide risk and insurance advisory services exclusively to Housing Associations in the UK.

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