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Captive Syndicate: a new route into Lloyd's

Captive Syndicate: who is it for?

The flexible platform provided by a Lloyd’s Captive Syndicate could suit any Captive writing First Party or related Third Party risks – from the large blue-chip to the smaller privately owned Captive – with multi-national risk exposure and seeking a cost-effective alternative to fronting, more control over its working insurance layers, and reduced tax and regulatory risk. The types of captives that are suited to the syndicate model include, among others:

  • Groups
  • Associations
  • Single Parent
  • Protected Cell Companies (PCCs)
  • Incorporated Cell Companies (ICCs)
  • Segregated Account Companies (SACs)
  • Risk Retention Groups (RRGs)

Captive Syndicate: the benefits

Captive Syndicate – where can it accept risk?

As a Captive Syndicate at Lloyd’s, the need for fronting will not be required where Lloyd’s has licences to underwrite. Through its license network, Lloyd’s is able to accept risks in over 200 territories and over 70 jurisdictions worldwide.

Captive Syndicate – how does it work?

Unlike a traditional syndicate, the Captive Syndicate model is unique in that the insured entity (the Captive Owner) is also the capital provider. This alignment of interest between a Captive Owner and its capital is furthered by the absence of a fronting insurer which in most cases becomes redundant due to Lloyd’s global licensing, allowing the Captive Syndicate to accept risk in multiple territories and jurisdictions.

1 Applicable to markets were Lloyd’s does not have a direct license

Success through partnership

We will work with you and your Captive Manager to guide you both through the application process and to develop the scope of services needed to effectively manage your Captive Syndicate at Lloyd’s.

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