Charity and Community
Making a positive social impact across diverse causes and communities

Asta recognises that we have a social responsibility to make a positive difference to both the community in which we operate and to wider society. Through fundraising, volunteering and donations, our aim is to positively impact people that are most in need, and to support causes that promote inclusion, opportunity and prosperity for everyone.

Our charity committee manages our charitable sponsorship and fundraising activities throughout the year. Its aim is to provide donations and support to a broad range of registered UK charities – from those involved in the arts, culture, and sport – to the environment, conservation and care for the elderly and young people.

Instead of making a single donation to a larger cause we focus on charities that can make a tangible difference to the people and causes they support. Where possible we focus on charities that are local to our offices in London, although we do make donations further afield that meet our selection criteria. Most of the charities we support are voted for by our staff, with other donations made on an ad hoc basis according to need.

“Positively adapting to change is one of Asta’s core values and this has never been more important to abide by as we consider the many challenges and issues that exist in the world today. Our business has a responsibility to help society and most of all, to make a positive difference, not just to people’s lives but to the communities we live and work in. I’m hugely thankful to the work of our charity committee and the support of our staff, both of which ensure that Asta properly plays its part.” Simon Norton, Asta Group Director

The charities we support



The CATS Foundation supports families affected by Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease. Raising awareness of Tay-Sachs and Sandhoff disease to the wider public is a key objective to reach more families affected by these awful diseases and to build a valuable community across Europe.

Bag Books

Bag Books provides multi-sensory books and storytelling for people with severe or profound and multiple learning disabilities. Bag Books are aimed at those who cannot benefit from mainstream books. They can be enjoyed without being understood as they are told interactively through voice and emotion rather than words and pictures.

Lives Not Knives

Lives Not Knives is an innovative, award winning, youth-led charity that works to prevent knife crime, serious youth violence and school exclusions by engaging, educating and empowering disadvantaged young people to enjoy life and improve their future prospects.

Children's Hospital Pyjamas

Children's Hospital Pyjamas collect donations of brand new pyjamas which are donated to Hospitals, Hospices, School Hospital Teams and Women's refuges up and down the country. These are then given to poorly or less fortunate children who are in-patients.

Instead of a financial donation, our staff donated pyjamas with Asta matching the overall number donated.

The Upper Room

The Upper Room has expanded from a small soup kitchen into a dynamic charity offering a range of services to address the immediate and longer term needs of the local homeless community in London.

"Your donation has contributed hugely to the training costs of our UR4Driving project. We’ve been able to cover more theory test fees (£23), practical test fees (£62) and driving lessons at £23/hour. UR4Driving is having a huge impact on transforming the lives of ex-offenders. To date over 210 have obtained a driving licence, with approximately 50% going into work or training. Last year only 4% re-offended, when compared to a national recidivism rate of 60% within two years.”

Action for Stammering Children

Action for Stammering Children aim for a society where children and young people who stammer have the same opportunities as their peers and have access to effective services and support to help them meet the challenges they face.

“Thank you very much for supporting our work. We will use these funds to provide a specialist assessment for a child who stammers. These assessments cost £800. The remainder of the funds we will use to make a huge positive difference in the lives of children and young people who stammer.”


Livability tackles social isolation and the barriers that can cause this in the lives of disabled and vulnerable people through a wide range of disability, education, training and community services.

“Asta’s donation enables us to do three crucial things: to support well-being, to support the home environment and to provide assistive technology. We’ve been able to fund 5 of our service users to have Amazon Alexas and all of the adaptations required to improve their independence. One resident told us that she often wakes at night and feels panicked, but is now able to play soft music and turn on low lighting to help sooth herself.”

Scottish Disability Sport

Scottish Disability Sport creates opportunities for children and adults with a physical, sensory or learning disability to participate in sports in Scotland, the UK and from on the international stage.

“Donations such as this have a very real impact on our ability to offer our athletes and participants access to sport and physical activity opportunities. We have a busy annual calendar of events, festivals and training and Asta’s donation will have a very real impact. Thank you”.

Scottish Wildlife Trust

The Scottish Wildlife Trust champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovative partnerships, and inspires people to take positive action through its education and engagement activities.

“Thank you for your generous donation which will be put to good use to continue growing red squirrel populations across Scotland, progress our beaver reintroduction project and realise our vision for large landscape-style projects like our one at Coigach-Assynt in Sutherland.”

Strathendrick Pipe Band

Asta’s Burns Night celebrations wouldn’t be the same without a traditional Scottish pipe band. We were delighted therefore to sponsor new bagpipe bags for the Strathendrick Pipe Band based in Strathblane, Scotland.

“We’ve just taken delivery of our covers made by They look fabulous. A big thanks to Asta for sponsoring them and Alasdair MacDonald for a great looking cover; we can’t wait to get using them. Much obliged and thanks again.”

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