Asta is the leading third party managing agent at Lloyd’s, and has a strong track record in launching and managing new underwriting businesses. As a natural evolution of our business model, we have made our skills, knowledge and expertise available to MGAs.

Asta Underwriting Management Ltd (AUML) will offer you and your capacity partners a full range of business support, including infrastructure, management and regulatory reporting. All you need to do is provide underwriting staff, strong ambition and a sound business plan.

AUML uses Asta’s significant underwriting management, regulatory experience and practical capabilities. Functions such as compliance, risk management, actuarial and finance are already shared across our syndicates, and we ensure that every task is handled in a cost efficient and transparent manner.

In addition to providing a stable and effective platform from which to build your business, Asta can offer investment and funding to the right MGAs. Our focus is on businesses with a good underwriting track record that are looking to grow in scale but need a high quality MGA management solution.

Contact us to find out more about how Asta can help set up your MGA:

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