Underwriting Management

Never before has there been so much focus on the performance of the insurance and reinsurance market. Maintaining full underwriting support and oversight is essential to protect policyholders, maintain the sustainable and profitable performance of your business and to comply with the requirements of regulators.


An efficient and expert solution

Every underwriting business must demonstrate that it has the appropriate controls in place to maintain strong cycle management and underwriting discipline whilst adhering to risk appetite.

Demonstrating pro-active claims management is not only a key regulatory requirement designed to protect policyholders, but it also improves the claims lifecycle and reduces costs.


Tailored to your needs

Asta provides tailored underwriting and claims management support and oversight for all types of insurance businesses including Lloyd’s syndicates and MGAs. We work with a wide variety of businesses at all stages of the insurance life-cycle – from start-up through to established and mature businesses that require ongoing support.

The Asta team has an in-depth knowledge of what’s needed and works closely with you to establish procedures and systems which are appropriate to the nature, scale and complexity of your business, all supported by our resources and expertise.


A flexible range of services

Asta offers a range of professional services and solutions to support your business including:

  • Underwriting strategy and planning – detailed business planning support
  • Underwriting performance – production of policies, procedures and data to support the oversight and reporting of underwriting performance
  • Underwriting and Control Framework – controls for underwriting compliance, Independent Peer Review and production of supporting documentation
  • Price and rate monitoring – best practice pricing policy and pricing tool usage and optimisation
  • Reinsurance Management and Control – implementation and monitoring of reinsurance strategy and purchasing plan and outwards reinsurance administration
  • Delegated Underwriting – coverholder and binder approval and management
  • Claims Management
    • claims handling protocols, reserving policies and regular oversight meetings
    • assessment of claims function performance and compliance with regulatory requirements
    • setting, monitoring and reporting of claims KPIs and remediation plan for any exceptions
    • large loss reporting and monitoring
    • claims handling and file reviews
    • due diligence on management and efficiency of delegated claims handling

Let Asta support your underwriting and claims oversight so you can focus on building a successful business.

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