What our clients say

During the last two decades, we’ve helped dozens of Lloyd’s syndicates and MGAs launch successfully in the UK and abroad. We are not only a strategic partner that helps insurance businesses reach their goals, but we also provide outstanding service and ongoing support as they grow. But don’t just take our word for it – read what some of our clients have to say about working with us.

“Having Asta onboard from early on was a fantastic feather in our caps – it gave us a huge amount of credibility when we were talking to capacity providers and Lloyd’s.”

Chris Thomas, CEO, ARTes MGA

“The Asta team has relationships with the right people at Lloyd’s and a proven ability and expertise to navigate quickly through the entry process. That was massive and we wouldn’t have got it done otherwise.”

Matt Taylor, Chief Performance Officer, CFC and Active Underwriter Syndicate 1988

“I don't see how anyone would be able to do get through the “Making it Happen” phase without a partner like Asta, and it is clearly best-in-class when it comes to Lloyd’s entry and third-party management.”

Mitch Blaser, co-CEO, Mosaic Insurance (Syndicate 1609)

“We needed the right partner that not only shared our vision, but worked with us to navigate the cultural, legal and regulatory obstacles. The team at Asta advised us on the best course for our launch and helped us establish the secure platform needed to support our future growth.”

Mike Rafter, CEO, Arma Underwriting

“Asta were fantastic – the support and guidance they gave us throughout the SIAB process was invaluable. We are excited to continue this relationship as we progress into a full Lloyd’s syndicate in 2023.”

Nick Tye, CEO, Carbon Underwriting and Active Underwriter, Syndicate 4747

“We recognise the benefit of Asta’s expertise and service and the secure and stable environment they provide for our business. This enables us to focus on our business ambitions and the syndicate’s growth and profitability.”

Tony Ive, Active Underwriter, Syndicate 2525

“With the help of Asta, we’ve created a leading-edge business model which will harness those facilities to the benefit of everyone in the chain, from the insured customer all the way to the ultimate capital provider.”

Grahame Millwater, Acrisure President of Global Insurance (Syndicate 1985)

“Our Innovations unit is central to the Company’s strategy, and the syndicate will help us support our existing partnerships as well as grow our insurtech portfolio. I would like to thank Asta, our managing agent, for their assistance in getting the Syndicate up and running.”

Simon Burton, Chief Executive Officer, Greenlight Re (Syndicate 3456)

We didn't want to be distracted by building out some of the other functions, so it worked very well for us being managed by Asta. Knowing that they were doing a good job as our managing agency allowed us to focus on building a quality underwriting franchise. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Duncan Dale, Chief Executive, Dale Underwriting Partners (Syndicate 1729)

“The Lloyd’s approval process was quite rigorous, and we were fortunate to have the support of Asta and others to help us navigate through. While challenging, that stringency is some of what makes it a privilege to be part of Lloyd’s.”

Josh Ladeau, CEO, Trium Cyber (Syndicate 1322)