Our clients

Asta is the leading third party managing agent at Lloyd’s, responsible for several Lloyd’s Syndicates, Syndicates-in-a-Box, Special Purpose Arrangements and MGA clients via Asta Underwriting Management Limited, our managing general agent.


We currently manage ten Lloyd's syndicates.


We currently manage three SPAs.


We currently manage two MGA clients.


We currently manage one Syndicate-in-a-Box.

Our Syndicates

Asta's current managed syndicates are listed below:

Agora Syndicate 3268, commenced underwriting as a standalone syndicate in 2018 based on the conversion of Skuld’s SPA 6126. The syndicate is backed by various direct corporates. The syndicate is property focused with a stamp capacity of £125m for 2020. The Active Underwriter is Mike Pritchard.
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Beat Syndicate 4242 (formerly ICAT) commenced underwriting in 2007 with capital provided by a mix of aligned and non-aligned investors. Syndicate 4242 writes short tail property, treaty reinsurance and Technology risks. 2020 stamp capacity for 4242 is £165m. The Active Underwriter is Tom Milligan.
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Blenheim Syndicate 5886, an independent syndicate backed by a mix of private names, trade and ILS capital sources, commenced underwriting in 2017. The syndicate underwrites Property Re/Insurance, Specialty Reinsurance and A&H. Stamp capacity is £250m for 2020. The Active Underwriter is John Hamblin.
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Syndicate 4747 provides lead capacity to support partnerships with MGAs underwriting property and casualty business. Stamp capacity is £12 million in year one. The Active Underwriter is Nicholas Tye.

The Syndicate writes Property Re/Insurance, Casualty business and Specialty Insurance, a proportion of which is ceded to SPA 6131. In 2020, Stamp capacity for 1729 is £147m and stamp capacity for 6131 is £12m. The Active Underwriter is Duncan Dale.
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Ive Syndicate 2525, commenced underwriting in 2000 with capital provided by a mix of third party corporate and individual names. The Syndicate writes Employers and Third Party Liability business. Stamp capacity is £80m for 2020. The Active Underwriter is Tony Ive.
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Everest Syndicate 2786, a dedicated corporate syndicate backed by Everest Re Group, Ltd, commenced underwriting in 2016 and has a stamp capacity of £160m for 2020. The syndicate writes a diversified book of business and will form the hub of Everest Re’s international insurance operation. MPS SPA 1892 has a stamp capacity of £17m for 2020 and underwrites medical malpractice insurance introduced by the Medical Protection Society from its UK and international networks. The Active Underwriter is Paul Kneafsey.
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Pioneer Syndicate 1980 has ceased accepting new business for 2020 and will continue to be managed by Asta during its run-off.
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Skuld Syndicate 1897 ceased accepting new business on 1st July 2019 and continues to be managed by Asta during its run-off.
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Verto Syndicate 2689, commenced underwriting in 2017 and is capitalised by investors advised by Hampden Agencies. The syndicate writes proportional reinsurances of Lloyd’s syndicates and other insurance entities. Stamp capacity is £75m for 2020. The Active Underwriter is Peter Mills.
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Victor Syndicate 2288 is approved to underwrite from 1st January 2020. The syndicate will underwrite property and casualty business in the US, UK, Italy, and the Netherlands. Stamp capacity is £57m for 2020. The Active Underwriter is Jill Frances.
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Our MGA Clients

Asta's current managed MGA clients are listed below:

Arma launched in May 2017 and is an approved Lloyd’s coverholder that writes multi-line (re)insurance business backed by A+ rated Lloyd’s security. Arma has close relationships with brokers and cedants in Middle East and Africa markets, to target individual risks as well as portfolio-driven strategies. The initial business lines are property (including Terrorism and Jewellers’ block), Liabilities, Energy, Personal Accident and Motor.
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