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As a natural evolution of our Lloyd’s Managing Agency activities, we use our experience of launching and managing a variety of businesses at Lloyd’s to provide the same range of expertise and services to MGAs.

We work with a variety of MGA businesses, from innovative start-ups offering different products or distribution, to single geography or product line experts who don’t have the size or infrastructure to set up on their own. We also support established, profitable MGAs looking to take underwriting risk in their own business through the Lloyd’s Syndicate-in-a-Box solution.

The Asta MGA platform offers MGAs and their capacity partners a full range of business support, including infrastructure, management and regulatory reporting. This support now extends to enabling MGAs to transact insurance business in the EEA, through the creation of Asta Europe SRL.

Your gateway to Europe

Asta Europe SRL operates as an authorised representative (coverholder) of Lloyd’s Insurance Company S.A. and is authorised and regulated as a mandated underwriter by the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) in Brussels.

Asta Europe enables MGAs operating on our platform to distribute insurance business in the EEA from their UK office locations.

For further information on Asta Europe or our MGA platform please contact:

Keith Nevett

Business Development Director

Lorraine Harfitt


Julian Walby


Rhea Sawaya

European Oversight Specialist

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Asta Europe branch (BR 023138), a UK establishment of Asta Europe (FC038046) has an office address at 5th Floor, 20 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0BG and is an Appointed Representative (FRN 955251) of Asta Underwriting Management Ltd.

Asta Europe SRL is a Belgian establishment (0758852576), registered office Avenue Louise 54, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services and Markets Authority.

Contact: info@astaeurope.com Tel: +32 2 898 37 36